intensive outpatient

Groups begin every four weeks. Call or e-mail to inquire about the next IOP group available.

intensive outpatient

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is a level of care between standard weekly outpatient therapy and residential or inpatient treatment. It is often recommended as an alternative for inpatient services, or as a discharge plan after completing inpatient. Because it rests between the two extremes, it provides a lot of the benefits of inpatient treatment without requiring the high cost and time. IOPs are structured to address pimary diagnoses of substance abuse, or mental health

I am currently co-facilitated a mental health IOP that is informed by attachment sciences. Our 8 week structure provides a rich therapeutic environment for members to learn from the leaders and from each other, identify their own attachments styles and see them lived out among the group members, and work together toward repairing disrupted attachment structures.

Upon enrolling in the IOP, participants will meet with a clinicain for a two-hour detailed assessment. This will give the patient and the therapists a clear picture of the patient’s attachment history, and how that history most likely repeats itself in current adult relationships.

Each group is a three hour session, three times a week, composed of restructuring our internal working models of attachment and relationships, learning and practicing metacognitive skills, and receiving indepth, interactive education on attachment science. Each member will also be provided a one hour individual session with one of our student interns. These students have been trained in the attachment-informed IOP material and process, and can assist in processing the IOP experience.

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