attachment informed therapy

Psychotherapy is contigent on our ability to attach to our therapist. When we securely attach we have a sense of safety from which we can explore and experience the world.

But for many of us, we were never taught how to securely attach. Connection isn’t seen as safe, because our early attachments were not safe. Every relationship is marred by this insecurity of attachment. What is needed is attachment repair.

Traditionally, attachment repair is thought to be done in talk-therapy. The therapist is a stable enough presence that, over time, the patient is able to securely attach. This is true. But it takes time

While all good therapy is informed by attachment and seeks to proved a securely attached realtionship with the therapist, I offer a more specific approach for those who struggle with attachment disturbances.

In attachment informed therapy I utilize the attachment research to gain insights into how infants securely attach in order to structure our therapy to repairing attachment disturbances. We do this through guided imagery, learning and practicing metacognitive skills, and working collaboratively together to find solutions to the relational problems that have been an ongoing struggle

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