therapeutic intent: why we do what we do

An analytic treatment is first established by a clear understanding of the intent or purpose of the analytic endeavor. Roy Barsness, Core Competencies of Relational Pscyhoanalysis (CCRP) Relational psychoanalysis – the discipline on which my work signficantly relies – is a historical movement within psychoanalysis that, in part, brings increased suspicion of prescribed technique. ByContinue reading “therapeutic intent: why we do what we do”

core disciplines of relational therapy: introduction

This last spring, I flew to Seattle to participate in the final retreat of a two year, post-graduate continuing education certificate program through the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. The program – Relationally Focused Psychodynamic Therapy (RFPT) – is based on the research conducted by Dr. Roy Barsness on Relational Psychoanalysis, and the subsequentContinue reading “core disciplines of relational therapy: introduction”

relational psychodynamic therapy

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. C. G. Jung Psychodynamic therapy can be simply (perhaps too simply) summarized as an attempt to make the unconscious conscious. While most psychologists, psychotherapists, and other mental health professionals will agree that there is a part of the mindContinue reading “relational psychodynamic therapy”